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Since 1984, Horizon Instruments have been producing engineering prototypes and solutions for their clients. We have designed and built diverse special purpose machines and have continually challenged what can be automated.

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Multi-disciplined teams designing complete system solutions

Projects undertaken by Horizon and its parent company, The Alchemy Automation Group, vary in both size and complexity and involve both mechanical, electrical and software engineering solutions. Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers build systems dealing with tight tolerances at micrometre (μm) scales. We can deal with precision liquid handling suitable for the pharmaceutical industry through to designing systems to assemble battery cell packs and motor rotors and stators for electric vehicles.

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Many customers therefore consider us to be not only their automation partner but part of their R&D design team.

Design and Build

Skilled engineers apply thought and intelligence to solve engineering problems.

Full integration

Integration with existing production lines to incorporate QA and test equipment so that they are an intrinsic part.


With years of automation experience, we can automate anything from assembly machines, liquid handling through to test and QA equipment


Our engineering expertise is second to none with software, electrical and mechanical engineering at the forefront of our work.

We work closely with Siemens and Mitsubishi

Our relationship allows us to offer a quality solutions aligned to our customer needs.

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Mitsubishi Robot Specialist Mitsubishi Robot Specialist Mitsubishi Robot Specialist Mitsubishi Robot Specialist Mitsubishi Robot Specialist

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Join the Horizon team if you want to work on unique projects, manage a great group of people or apply your skills to a diverse range of problems.

We are always happy to see people from specialist engineers, assembly technicians and administration staff who want to make a difference and truly enjoy the work they do.

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40 years experience
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