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Our engineering expertise ensures we provide well engineered solutions to problems. Our R&D processes are second to none and we often take on projects that others reject and thus our innovation and skills are being leveraged in many unexpected ways.

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Engineering at its best

Bespoke special purpose machine development has a high content of R&D in the process and, often, there are challenges for which there are no off-the-shelf solutions.


It is important to deal with these challenges as early as possible in the design process and often this means developing a proof of concept before and major and detailed design can take place.

These challenges are solved mostly by the evolution or the modification of an existing concept which has been used before, either by ourselves or by the customer. Collaboration in the design process is therefore key, as despite our 30+ years track record, we have not seen everything. A partnership between Horizon and a client, or partner, ensures the right solution is developed for their process. We therefore hold regular design reviews with our customers to ensure the projects remain on-track.

Best-in-class partnerships

To ensure the best-in-class solutions are developed we partner with some key manufacturers who bring a further level of expertise to solutions. This may be precise measurement using high quality cameras, lenses and special lighting, or precision axis control down to micron accuracy.

Our team is highly motivated due to the variety of projects we work on, with dedicated mechanical designers, control system engineers, electrical engineers and software experts backed up by a dedicated manufacturing and assembly team. All teams are supported by our administration department who ensure that things run smoothly but always with an eye on maintaining our system manufacturing quality.

Complete handover and support

Machines designed, built, installed, and commissioned by us are our legacy but are our customers livelihood. We provide system drawings, a full bill of materials, as part of the technical file and the system software source code so that our clients can maintain the system after we have completed the projects, however we are always on hand to provide support if required and can provide machine servicing and upgrades, if necessary, should the requirements change.

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