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Picolitre Dispensing System

Horizon Instruments Ltd are the authorised distributor and servicing agent for MicroFab Technologies throughout Europe.

MicroFab Technologies have been pioneers in digital microdispensing technologies since 1984. They are an ink-jet innovation company which offer a range of complete Systems and Sub-Systems in various configurations, based on piezoelectric ink-jet dispensing.

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There are many applications where MicroFab’s technology have been used and these would include, conductive ink printing, sensors, biomedical, polymers, 3D printing.

Depending on the operating parameters and the fluid being dispensed, this technology can produce drops ranging from 20-300 picolitres in volume and these droplets can be generated singularly, or at a rate of thousands per second on demand.

The family of MicroFab systems are called jetlabs, with various configurations available to meet the requirements of a customer’s application and budget. There is the option to purchase system configurations that enable the automatic printing from more than one fluid reservoir, as well as the option to purchase configurations able to print with greater positional accuracy and greater positional repeatability. Elevating the temperature of the fluid and the substrate are also features that are available.

Partnering with a pioneer

Horizon Instruments have supplied and supported MicroFab customers since 2006. Our support has extended across all of Europe with system installations having taken place at many universities and research institutions.

Horizon’s extensive experience in automation and instrumentation enables us to offer support when customers wish to integrate MicroFab technology in a unique way for their specific application.

Additionally, we provide training and servicing for the lifetime of MicroFab Systems and Sub-Systems.

Please contact our team of engineers if you wish to discuss an application.

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