About Us

Horizon Instruments Limited are your partners in finding and developing an automated solution for your process.

We design, build, install, commission and, if needed, support validation for systems ranging from desktop fixtures to large scale assembly machines. Our background in scientific instruments and precision equipment ensures our systems are engineered to provide accuracy, reliability and performance. Our install base includes machines still running after 25 years.

We have been in business since 1984 as an engineer led company who merged with our sister company Contron Limited in 2015 to create The Alchemy Automation Group.

Close collaboration

The bespoke nature of the work we do means that it is important we work closely with our clients during the project with regular progress meetings and milestone design freezes. This way we can minimise cost and ensure that your expertise is capitalised on to make our expertise work for you.

Working in several sectors allows us to bring a wealth of techniques and experience into client projects, whether this is liquid dispensing or plotting in laboratories or medical device clean rooms, miniature manufacturing cells for electronic connectors, test chamber for gas sensors or robot assembly / test cells for the automotive industry.

If you asked our existing clients, they would tell you our strong points are attention to detail and “Gold Standard” production values. Look through our website to see examples of the systems we build.

We work with all industries

We are proud of our industrial collaborations and have partnerships in place with Mitsubushi and Siemens. Our knowledge and skills in automation and integration mean that we work with the best and often provide solutions where others fail.

Horizon Instruments started operating in 1984 by providing test instrumentation from a domestic garage. Since then, as technology has progressed, we too have moved into many different manufacturing and test areas, providing the skills and service over the years that are cutting edge and leverage today's, rather than, yesterday's technology.

We work with many organisations, providing cost-effective expertise in diverse areas such as ocean currents and weather monitoring with a network of remote, untethered buoys in the Arctic Ocean through to research projects with the Warwick Manufacturing Group and provide R&D expertise on UK/EU funded projects with Jaguar Land Rover.

No challenge is too great

As our past achievements show, we have built up an enviable record of success in the provision of solutions and consultancy over a wide range of disciplines and industries. Our company was the first to automate the production of Lateral Flow Tests , originally as a Pregnancy Test Kit, but more recently as Covid test kits. We have completed projects that were thought to be impossible from the creation of GPS-tracked weather and ocean monitoring arctic buoys through to the automated assembly of micron sized components.

With skills in robotics, electrical, electronic and software engineering our team puts solutions together.

We can create a solution for you!

Certified Integrated Management System

Horizon Instruments Ltd operates under The Alchemy Automation Group's ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificates. These accreditations ensure that all the work that Horizon and The Alchemy Group undertake recognises the environmental impact the work may have and actively ensures detrimental impact is kept to the minimum.

Increase throughput

  • reduce energy requirements
  • minimise labour costs
  • add value to staff
  • Horizon drives efficiencies

Maximise Return on Investment (ROI)

  • increase profits
  • reduce costs
  • streamline production
  • Horizon will help you acheive this

Quality Control

  • automation of checking and testing
  • increases output quality
  • business perception improves
  • Horizon is your partner

Meet our Management Team

Stephen Hilliard

Sales Director
Steve is the group's Sales Director and has a wealth of experience in many industries, starting his career offshore designing controls and safety systems before moving on to work in database development, automotive controls and general industry systems. He uses this cross-industry experience and wealth of knowledge to support our customers in the first concepts.

Daniel Bolton

Technical Director
Daniel is the Technical Director and heads up mechanical design team. He takes the initial concepts, developed by the customer in conjunction with the Sales Team, and turns those ideas into fully realised solutions.

Justin Weibel

Production Director
BSC Eng (Mechatronics)
Justin is the Production Director, an experienced controls systems and robotics engineer, who heads up the software and electrical teams at Horizon. He is responsible for all aspects of machine build and is responsible for getting our systems ready to leave the factory.

Nicholas Holman

Managing Director
Nick is the Managing Director and as such oversees all aspects of the work we do. He takes a lead role in the operational side of the business and is ultimately responsible for our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 NQA certified Quality & Integrated Management System.

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40 years experience
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