Customer Case Studies, Statistics and Benefits

Engine Cylinder Head QA


We implemented a COBOT inspection system to check collets fitted to an engine head in a production line. A Fanuc 6-Axis COBOT moved an inspection head manufactured from a Keyence LJ-V7080 high speed 2D/3D Laser Profiler enclosed in an ergonomically designed safe housing to prevent harm to operators and passers-by.

The system processed a head in under 40 seconds which was below the line speed set at 43 seconds and had to meet an Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) of 99.5%

<40 seconds
Cycle time
2 Head Types
COBOT / 99.5% OEE

Well Plate Dosing


We developed a dispensing system for 2 different 96 channel well plates. The operator stacked 30 plates in the left-hand hopper and the machine cycled through the plates re-stacking the plates on the right-hand side. New plates could be added, and processed plates removed during cycle without stopping the machine. Each well was fed from an individual liquid reservoir allowing for each well to have a different reagent if required.

The 12 Tecan pumps each ran a bank of 8 syringes with a 250µL fill capacity. Each of the 12 banks can operate at different volumes with the bank filling all 8 wells in a row at a time.

Plate Cycles
Plate Variations
Individual Channels

Production System


In the pharmaceutical industry a validated process is very valuable. Often the cost of changing the process and re-validating can be astronomical. We manufactured a flask shaking system which replicated the validate process of a laboratory worker scaling this up to production levels. The machine shakes the flasks via a simple pivoting cradle mechanism and a Siemens servo motor. This is housed inside the pressurised control panel preventing ingress of explosive fumes.

The operator selects the program to run which defines the displacement angle, speed, and acceleration of the movement and the number of inversions and shakes.

Cycle time
ATEX zone 2