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Due to the bespoke nature of the projects undertaken, Horizon has gained experience in a broad range of disciplines, including but not limited to the following:

MDI Aerosol Testing:
Drug collection/waste shot firing. Systems of this type are in daily use at various GSK sites worldwide.

Numerous systems have been developed to automate accurate and repeatable deposition of liquids. These have been individually designed and tailored to the customer's requirements' often to replicate manual techniques used during clinical trials.

Drying Ovens:
Precise control, uniformity and feedback of drying temperatures and drying times have been another common requirement. Horizon has built and integrated Infrared, hot air and combination ovens for many applications.

Vision Systems:
Stringent quality control requirements have necessitated the development of special vision systems to carry out challenging detection tasks. Horizon remains familiar with the latest vision hardware and software and is thoroughly versed in the use of either line-scan or area-scan cameras. Bespoke vision software is often developed to provide full control and flexibility.

Marking, Labelling and Bar Code Reading:
It is often a requirement that any errors detected during quality control checks be indicated on the faulty part using a printed mark or code. Good products may also require the addition of product codes, date and time and other batch data. These may be applied using various labelling or marking techniques. The drop in size and price of RF tags over the last few years make this technology another accessible form of identification for many new applications.

Punching, Cutting and Laminating:
For many years Horizon has supplied systems to aid in the production of diagnostic test kits often requiring the addition of accurate reference holes and critical edge cropping in lateral flow devices. Laminating systems have ranged from small, vacuum assisted clamping devices to assist accurate manual assembly up to full scale reel to reel production machines.

Laser Technologies:
Over recent years Horizon has seen an increasing number of applications where the enormous flexibility and low maintenance of laser solutions have afforded significant operational advantages. In particular Horizon has worked with diode lasers for polymer welding, Nd: YAG lasers for marking and ablation applications and CO2 lasers for cutting. Each application requires careful consideration of appropriate safety measures from guarding legislation to fume filtration and extraction. Continuous advances in this field are leading to many new potential applications.

Ultrasonic Welding:
Another very popular technique, ultrasonic welding continues to be a fast and effective method of material joining and has been incorporated into many systems.

Control Software:
We employ many types of control software, each tailored to the requirement in hand. Types of control systems used range from programmable microprocessors through PLC to PC based bespoke control software. At times a combination of these may be required. Where system architecture necessitates the need for distributed I/O, we often employ proprietary protocols such as Profibus.

Assembly Systems:
Horizon Instruments has built many systems that are in daily use assembling medical devices.

System Environment:
Systems are often situated in controlled environments. Horizon has expertise in installing into Dry Room and Clean Room environments.

NQA - Quality Assured Firm, UKAS - Quality Management - Certificate number: 73329