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LEISTER Laser Plastic Welding have developed an extensive range of products that can be employed to carry out the laser welding of thermoplastics across a wide variety of development and production environments. The technology used is sometimes referred to as "laser transmission welding" or "through transmission IR welding (TTIr)". LEISTER Laser Plastic Welding also have specific patented techniques that offer significant benefits in particular transmission welding tasks.

Horizon Instruments Ltd is the Authorised Distribution and Service Centre for LEISTER Laser Plastic Welding in the UK and Ireland. The Novolas™ range includes a number of standalone workstations as well as OEM solutions for integration into automated systems.

Horizon Instruments Ltd can supply and support both standard workstations and OEM solutions. We can also design bespoke tooling or clamping fixtures for workstations that meet your specific requirements and are well placed to take on the challenges associated with the integration of OEM components into our bespoke automated systems.

We work closely with LEISTER Laser Plastic Welding in order to help you decide on the most suitable laser welding process for your product. Together we can advise on suitable joining geometries, material selection and then carry out weldability trials.

LEISTER Laser Plastic Welding utilise high powered diode laser sources allied with the following application techniques:

  • Contour Welding - A laser spot is guided sequentially along a predetermined welding pattern, melting it locally and thus achieving a weld.
  • Simultaneous Welding - One or more lasers heat the entire weld path simultaneously.
  • Quasi-simultaneous Welding - Two scanner mirrors deflect the laser spot and guide it along the welding contour at a very high speed.
  • Mask Welding - This LEISTER patented technique uses a mask inserted between the laser source and the parts to be welded.
  • Radial Welding - This can be used to join cylindrical components without the need to move them.
  • Globo Welding - This uses a clamping pressure concept developed by LEISTER to facilitate two and three-dimensional laser welding.

Transmission Welding using laser beams offers significant advantages in welding plastics over conventional welding technologies. Some advantages are listed below:

  • Non-contact, flexible joining technique
  • Minimal thermal stress on the welded parts
  • Simple joining seam geometry
  • No particulate development
  • Vibration-free processing
  • Optically perfect welding seam
  • High precision
  • High strength
  • Gas-tight, hermetic seals
  • No tool wear
  • No consumables (adhesive, fasteners, etc.)

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